Make Dried Apple Rings With This Awesome Gadget!

October 18, 2019

By Anna Varriano

I love fall and local apple picking season! I’m blessed with lots of organic, local apples from my parents’ apple trees and I don’t want a single one to go to waste!

One of the ways I preserve the nutrients and delicious flavour of local fresh picked apples is to make dried apple rings. This year, I bought myself a great gadget that makes coring, peeling, and slicing the apples into rings a breeze! It saved me hours of time and created a lot less waste (BTW, I used the peels and cores to make apple sage jelly. Mmmmm! Waste not, want not!)

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make yummy dried apple rings. They make a great snack as is and can also be chopped up and added to baking, porridge, salads, soups … wherever you’d like the flavour of apples!

If you’d like to get yourself a handy dandy apple parer, corer, slicer like the one I’m using in the video, click here. Beware of cheap ones! You get what you pay for!