Want to Know Why I Take Krill Oil?

March 8, 2017

By Anna Varriano

As a nutritionist, I promote getting as many of the nutrients our body needs by eating healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. I recommend buying organic produce when possible (especially if the fruits and vegetables you eat the most are ones that have high pesticide residues), buying grass-fed/pastured animal products, avoiding sugar/anything that has sugar in it/anything that gets easily broken down into sugar, and avoiding genetically modified crops (soy, canola, corn, sugar beets) and products made with them.

whole foods

I also recommend that we eat fat – healthy fat. If Mother Nature put fat in a food, then we shouldn’t be afraid of it … as long as that fat-containing food hasn’t been processed, or refined, or homogenized, or interesterified, or …. you get the picture!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of fats, which leads to many of us eating too many of the wrong kind of fats, and not enough of the right ones. This can lead to some pretty serious health consequences.

One type of fat that most people don’t get enough of, even if they think they are eating well, is omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). In fact, a recent report by Stats Canada indicated that approximately 40% of Canadians are not getting enough omega-3s in their meals and snacks (I have read other articles that have cited it as high as 90%). Why is this a big deal? The Stats Can report focused on an increased risk of heart disease (the number 1 killer in Canada), but at the root of this problem is that a deficiency in omega-3s sets the stage for inflammation in the body, which is a key factor in not just heart disease, but virtually any health issue you can think of, including:

  • increased risk of cancer
  • joint pain as well as any other aches and pains
  • immune system dysfunction
  • hormone imbalances
  • compromised cognitive/brain health
  • reproductive and digestive disorders

While you can get omega-3s from foods such as cold-water fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring), flax seeds, and chia seeds, turning a deficiency around often needs an extra push with omega-3 supplements.

oceano3I take an omega-3 supplement every day in the form of Neptune Krill Oil. The brand I take and recommend is OCEANO3. Each 500 mg softgel of OCEANO3 contains:

  • Esterified astaxanthin – one of the most powerful antioxidants (300 x more potent than vitamin E and A). OCEANO3 contains the highest concentration on the market.
  • EPA & DHA – these two omega-3 fatty acids can help boost your concentration, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and so much more
  • Phospholipids – long known as one of the ‘building blocks of life’, phospholipids support healthy cellular and body function – and are not found in fish oil

With all of the great health benefits being linked to krill oil, it’s not surprising that a lot of krill oil products are appearing on the market; however, I’m putting out a big Buyer Beware that not all of them are created equal. OCEANO3 Neptune Krill Oil:

  • has more antioxidants than other brands
  • is 100% pure with no toxins or contaminants
  • has no reflux or fishy aftertaste
  • comes in small, easy-to-swallow softgels

friend of the seaKrill is one of the most abundant biomasses on the planet that repopulates itself each spring during spawning season. The krill fishery is rigorously controlled by the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) , an organization that sets strict annual catch limits and fishing guidelines. OCEANO3 Neptune Krill Oil has been certified by Friend of The Sea for sustainable krill harvesting.

You can order OCEANO3 Neptune Krill Oil through Perfect Resonance Natural Health Counselling for just $40 + HST = $45.20. At a general dose of one 500 mg soft gel daily, this product provides an economical 2-month supply of anti-inflammatory power.

To order, please email info@perfectresonance.com and put ‘OCEANO3’ in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions when your order is ready for pick up through Perfect Resonance Natural Health Counselling, located in the Marshall Health Clinic at 2605 Carling Avenue, Ottawa ON.

As always, whenever you start taking a new supplement, it’s important to let your doctor and/or other health care practitioners know, especially if you are on any medications.

Take control of what you can!


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