5 Easy & Delicious Ways to Reap the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

May 17, 2016

By Anna Varriano

The Crazy Coconut Oil Lady is at it again!

I’ve been talking about the health benefits of coconut oil for years and years – before it was so widely available.

Coconut oil offers loads of health benefits; however, it’s important to remember that not all coconut oil is created equal – and to reap the health benefits that it offers, you have to use enough of it on a regular basis.

In this month’s video, I’ll be showing you 5 easy and delicious ways that I get my favourite brand of coconut oil into my meals and snacks just about every day.

To learn more about coconut oil and to find delicious recipes that use it, simply type ‘coconut oil’ in the the Search box located in the green banner across the top of every page of my website!




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