10 Random (but Practical!) Tips for Better Health

February 15, 2023

By Anna Varriano

Did you make New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, are you still on track? If not, you’re not alone as many sources estimate that 80% of people ditch their New Year’s resolutions by February!

I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions. That doesn’t mean I don’t strive to make changes or work on new habits that will improve my physical, mental, financial and social well being; however, instead of setting big, challenging changes for myself once a year on January 1st, I prefer to make small, simple, and practical changes throughout the year.

As we are halfway through February and its likely that many of those lofty New Year’s resolutions have been tossed to the side, I thought I’d take 10 minutes to share ’10 Random – but Practical Tips – for Better Health’ that you can start any time.



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