It’s Tomato Time!

September 7, 2018

By Anna Varriano

Whether in your veggie garden, at your favourite farmers market, or in your grocery store, local tomatoes are abundant at this time of year.

In this post, I’m sharing 5 health tips and 5 recipes from previous blogs that starred the tantalizing tomato. Here we go!

5 Tomatoey Health Tips:

#1 – Tomatoes support prostate health.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene which supports prostate health. The lycopene content of tomatoes is generally higher when they’re cooked – and absorbed better when consumed with a healthy fat/oil, such as extra virgin olive oil. (From my video blog: Carrots for Bone Health, Sage for Memory, and More – July 2018)

#2 – Tomatoes support cardiovascular health.

Tomatoes are often cited as a veggie that supports heart health, as they contain two key nutrients that have a big impact on heart health: lycopene and potassium. (From my blog: 5 Tips for Heart Health – Feb 2017)

#3 – Eat tomatoes to protect yourself from the damaging effects of too much sun exposure.

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which studies have associated with a decreased risk of skin cancer when regularly consumed. Tomatoes also have a very high water content, which will help skin stay hydrated. Studies show that the lycopene in cooked tomatoes, especially when they are crushed and cooked with fat (think simple yummy tomato sauce with olive oil!), is more easily absorbed. (From my blog: Inside-Out Sun Protection – August 2014)

#4 – Eat tomatoes (and other foods with a high water content) to help you stay hydrated.

The water content of tomatoes is 95%. (From my blog: 10 Ways to Eat Water – June 2014)

#5 – Maybe you shouldn’t eat tomatoes!

Tomatoes are part of the Nightshade family of vegetables. If you can relate to any of the following (see original blog post for list), you may want to consider avoiding tomatoes, and other nightshades (potatoes, eggplant, all all peppers e.g. chili peppers, habenero, cayenne pepper and paprika … but not peppercorns!). (From my blog:  Digestive Issues? Joint or Muscle Pain? These Vegetables Might be Contributing! – July 2018)


5 Tomatoey Recipes (click on the recipe title to see the recipe!)

#1 – Fresh Herb & Garlic Topped Grilled Tomatoes.

These grilled tomatoes were a regular side-dish to my family’s BBQ meals for as long as I can remember. You can make them any time of year, but I especially love making them in late summer/early fall when the tomatoes, garlic, and herbs are fresh out of the garden. (August 2017)

#2 – Tomato and Basil Soup.

Tomatoes and basil – a match made in heaven! Make lots while these ingredients are in season. This soup freezes beautifully. (December 2013)

#3 – Gazpacho 

This tomato-based soup is served chilled and is a great addition to any summer-time meal! (June 2014)

#4 – Puttanesca Spaghetti Sauce.

A naughty name for a nutritious and delicious multipurpose sauce!  (January 2014)

#5 – Fresh Tomato, Basil and Garlic Buckwheat Pasta.

A quick and easy recipe that you can make in about 10 minutes!  (Dec 2013)

A final note: Click here for a super easy way to preserve local, vine-ripened tomatoes so you can use them to make sauces, stews, soups, and more until next tomato season! (From my blog: Frozen Freshness: Enjoying Local Tomatoes Year-Round – Sept 2013)



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