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April 27, 2016

By Anna Varriano

Last fall I attended the Canadian Health Food Association’s annual trade show in Toronto. I was looking forward to learning about some great new products that could back up their claims with clinically proven results. I found one in Allergy-FX.

Allergy-FX is a 100% drug-free, licensed health product. It is the ONLY licensed natural health product that has been clinically proven in a double-blind placebo-controlled human study (the gold standard as far as research studies go) to provide effective, fast-acting (within 15 minutes!), multi-functional (eyes, nose, ears, throat) relief from allergies.

The active ingredient comes from the eggs of organically raised quails, and unlike most over-the-counter products which simply mask allergy symptoms, Allergy-FX works by inhibiting the release of histamine – a substance released by our immune system in an attempt to fight off invading allergins. Histamine causes allergy-related symptoms such as an itchy and/or runny nose and watery eyes. Allergy FX is a natural histamine blocker, which translates in to fewer symptoms.

The feedback that I have received from my clients who are taking this product is phenomenal, and is something along the lines of “this product works better than anything else I have ever tried”.

If you or someone you know suffers from seasonal allergies, and would like to try Allergy-FX, I am happy to say that you can now order it from Perfect Resonance Natural Health Counselling. For a limited time, it will be available for a special introductory price of $19.99 + HST.

To order, please email and put ‘ALLERGY-FX’ in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions when your order is ready for pick up through Perfect Resonance Natural Health Counselling, located in the Marshall Health Clinic at 2605 Carling Avenue, Ottawa ON.

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