3 Tips for a Healthy Return to the Classroom or Office

August 19, 2021

By Anna Varriano

It’s hard to believe that September is around the corner … again. This year, we are faced with many unknowns and perhaps a higher level of stress as back-to school, and for many, back-to-the-office is happening in the face of pandemic uncertainties.

Whether or not we are in the face of a pandemic with seemingly never-ending variants, it’s critical to take control of what we can to stay healthy and support our immune system. Nutrition – both food and supplements – play a big role in both, so this month, I am sharing links to 3 previously written blogs that I hope you will find useful to help put your best health-boosting foot forward as so many of us step back into the classroom and office.


#1 – Grab & Go Breakfasts

In this blog, I share 5 yummy recipes for grab-and-go breakfasts and a short discussion on the ‘eat or skip breakfast’ debate.

#2 – Avoid Lunch Bag Let-Down

In this blog, I share some ideas for healthy lunch packing … and what can make the difference between lunch-bag-happiness and lunch-bag-letdown!

#3 – Supporting our Immune Systems

Supporting our immunity is key to overall health – especially in the face of a pandemic. In this blog, I share 10 simple things that you can do to support and build your immunity.


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