Improve Digestion

One of the wisest expressions I’ve ever heard was originally stated over 2,000 years ago, by Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine. It was as follows:

“All disease begins in the gut.”

As often happens, we move away from old wisdom, and digestive health was often overlooked as a source of other health issues in the body; however, research is starting to move the spotlight back on to the importance of digestion.

Efficient Digestion Means Better Health

We’re only as healthy as our digestive system.


Anna has greatly helped me over the years. I’m a person who reacts negatively to many things, including supplements. Anna has been able to find and provide me with great supplements that have not caused any issues. I’ve also greatly benefitted from her sensitivity testing. She takes the time to listen and to follow-up with her clients, and she’s always a joy to talk with. I’m very grateful to have met her.

Anne McVitty

A healthy digestive system and efficient digestion is fundamental to overall health. The common expression “you are what you eat’, would be more correct if stated as follows: “you are what you digest and assimilate”.

This system has two major functions. One is to effectively breakdown food so that we can benefit from the nutrients by absorbing them into our bloodstream, the other is to prevent toxins in our digestive system from entering our bloodstream.

If the digestive system is compromised and unable to properly carry out these two functions, a wide variety of health issues can develop, from physiological imbalances such as diabetes and auto-immune conditions, to psychological conditions such as depression and ADD. In fact, this is the foundation of the GAPS™ protocol that Perfect Resonance follows.

Not Just What We Eat, But How & When

Our digestion is affected by not only what we eat, but how and when we eat. Stress also plays a big role in how well our digestive system functions.

One of the foundational pillars to improving digestive health is avoiding what I call ‘foods that fight’. Simply by practicing some practical food combining techniques, clients have received relief from bloating, belching, flatulence, heartburn and diarrhea.