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Bone Up On Bone Health

  • Arthritis presentation November 28 2016

  • Cost: $10.00
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great cholesterol myth book cover

The Great Cholesterol Myth

Years ago, I read The Great Cholesterol Myth, a National Bestseller by Jonny Bowden PhD and cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra – not really knowing anything about these two gentlemen or their position/thoughts regarding heart health. I was captured by th …

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coconut oil 5 easy ways

5 Easy & Delicious Ways to Reap the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Crazy Coconut Oil Lady is at it again! I’ve been talking about the health benefits of coconut oil for years and years – before it was so widely available. Coconut oil offers loads of health benefits; however, it’s important to remember that not all …

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I love Oceano3

Want to Know Why I Take Krill Oil?

As a nutritionist, I promote getting as many of the nutrients our body needs by eating healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. I recommend buying organic produce when possible (especially if the fruits and vegetables you eat the most are ones that have high …

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Crispy Chicken Thighs

This is a quick, easy, economical, and delicious way to cook chicken. I first tried it at my brother’s house during one of his famous multi-course farm-to-table gatherings. He has a wonderful hobby farm where he grows loads of gorgeous veggies and also …

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Working with Perfect Resonance, you can count on a unique approach to nutrition and lifelong health, personalized to your own needs and circumstances.



With so much information to wade through, nutrition and healthy living can seem overwhelming. I’m here to help. In tune with the latest scientific research, I provide the knowledge you need; and in a way that’s easily understood.



With knowledge in hand, you now need to apply it—yet figuring out the best approach isn’t always easy. My knack for providing simple yet comprehensive action steps, personalized to your needs, will bring you lasting results.


Inspiring & Motivating

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is rewarding and easier than you may think! All goals are achieved by taking manageble steps that you feel good about and sticking to them. With my support, you’ll find what you need to inspire and motivate yourself to succeed.